E-Orientation Steps (Clickable) 
Reminder: The information is accessible from 3 January 2022 to 30 April 2022

Please note the following: 
Students who have completed the payment of the student bill are required to register for the UTAR email ID. It is COMPULSORY to obtain the UTAR email ID in order to access the UTAR E-Orientation Portal and Microsoft Teams for online teaching and learning. Student Temporary Pass is available on Teaching Week 1 (Monday) at Student Portal > Portfolio > My Profile. 

 (Please check for updates here from time to time.)
Campus Access Guidelines are available for all students as reference to facilitate the process of returning to campus. Since students are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus, those who are not yet vaccinated or having incomplete vaccination must refer to the above guidelines.

New students who are not fully vaccinated are required to do weekly Covid-19 testing. (updated: 5/1/22)

3. Orientation Info Sheet January 2022 Intake

E-Orientation Portal
(Information for Registered Students Only)
Students who have paid the JANUARY 2022 student bill
can gain access to this e-orientation portal.
Important Info: Please read the guidelines below before login.
If you have any enquiry about this website, please email to dsa@utar.edu.my 
We look forward to you joining our e-orientation programme.
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