(For new students) 
updated as of 20 May 2022 


  1. What is the Department of Student Affairs (DSA)

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) is a central hub for students, a place that facilitates students' holistic wellness, fosters their intellectual growth as well as enriches their personal development. 

  1. What does DSA do?

 DSA is deeply committed to the purpose of enhancing student life from various aspects, as an experiential augmentation to their academic performance, through the following approaches:

  • To create a sense of belonging for all students during their campus life by providing excellent services. 
  • To foster the holistic well-being and development of students as a person via experiential learning, guidance and counselling. 
  • To enhance students' leadership and communication skills and enrich their sense of community via organising and joining activities and sports.

  1. How can I keep in touch with the DSA for assistance?

Please send email to dsa@utar.edu.my and state “REQUEST ASSISTANCE” as the title of the email subject. Students are advised to state their full name, student ID, study programme and campus when sending emails.

From Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) between 8.30am to 5.30pm, you may visit our offices located as follows:

  • Kampar Campus: C113 Counter, Student Pavilion I
  • Sungai Long Campus: KB006 Counter, KB Block Ground Floor

Should you have any enquiry, you can contact us through DSA telephone line or DSA Hotline as below:

  • Kampar Campus:

    i) Telephone Number: 05-46 888 88 
    - Extension Line : 2282 / 2570 - E-Orientation/Clubs & Societies Info
    - Extension Line:  2280 - Student Services (e.g. Accommodation, Vehicle Sticker, Bus Service)
    - Extension Line : 2281 - Gym/Sports Complex

    ii) DSA Hotline: 016- 2100864
  • Sungai Long Campus

    i) Telephone Number: 03-90860288
    - Extension Line: 818/825/825  - E-Orientation/Clubs & Societies Info
    - Extension Line: 818/820/829/830 - - Student Services (e.g. Accommodation, Vehicle Sticker, Bus Service)
    - Extension Line: 827/828/864 - Gym/Sports Complex

    ii) DSA Hotline: 016-210 0862  

  1. Will there be any physical sessions of Orientation for the June 2022 Trimester new students?

  • The orientation programmes will be conducted in physical mode.
  • Freshmen may join the physical Orientation activities on campus from 23 May 2022, 8.30am onwards [Note: the physical orientation arrangement may change subject to the latest updates / announcement from the relevant authorities such as MOHE/MKN/KKM].

A comprehensive website with all online materials that are related to the orientation and the training of online learning will be made available to new students via https://e-orientation.utar.edu.my starting from 23 May 2022, Monday, 8.30 am until 31 August 2022, Wednesday, 11.59am. 

  1. Are parents/ visitors/ students allowed to enter the campus for the June trimester 2022 trimester?

Entry into the University Campuses is allowed by adhering strictly to the SOP that greatly emphasises physical distancing and safety precautionary measures, of which the detailed information can be accessed at https://dccpr.utar.edu.my/COVID-19-News-Announcements.php. The SOP includes the following:

  1. Wear a face mask at all times.

  2. Check-in using the MySejahtera App / Hi-Hive (for students); 

  3. Take body temperature screening using the static standing thermal scanner or hand-held thermometer; 

  4. Sanitise hands frequently; 

  5. Follow physical distancing measures of no less than one meter apart. 

  1. Is there any adjustment on the resources fees for the coming June 2022 trimester?

The University is currently looking into ways to improve and provide a better service for students, especially on blended learning. For instance, the University has added some e-learning materials to the existing resources such as more e-books as alternatives for the textbooks required by students; subscription to Microsoft Teams and licensed copies of Microsoft Offices under the package; and adding extra servers to support online platforms. Thus, there will be an adjustment on the resources fees which is still cost-effective to the students.

7. Where can I get the bus ticket and how much does it cost?

The bus fare is RM0.80 per one-way trip. You may purchase the bus ticket from the Division of Finance (DFN) OR scan the Touch n Go E-Wallet QR code for fare deduction when you board the bus.

As part of welcoming the new students, the bus service is Free of Charge (FOC) during the Orientation Week.
For bus schedule information, kindly visit the page as below:
UTAR Kampar Campus - https://dsa.kpr.utar.edu.my/Bus-Services.php
UTAR Sungai Long Campus - http://dgs.sl.utar.edu.my/Bus-Services.php



  1. Where can I find the information e.g. Campus SOP, Quarantine Arrangements, FAQs and others in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic on campus? 

You can visit to https://return2campus.utar.edu.my/

  1. Is there any assistance provided to staff, students and visitors in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic on campus? 

Please be informed that the University has set up a Bilik Gerakan on campus and put in place operating procedures as a measure to monitor and provide assistance to staff, students and visitors in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The locations of the Bilik Gerakan for each campus are as follows:

Kampar Campus

Venue                         : Room A008, Ground Floor, Heritage Hall

Contact Numbers      : 05 468 8823 / 0111-061 3354 (Ops Room Hotline)

Operating hours    : Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

After office hours and on weekends, UTAR security staff on duty will man the Bilik Gerakan          

Sungai Long Campus

Venue                         : Room KAG007, North Lobby, KA Block

Contact Numbers      : 03 908 60288 ext. 842 / 0111-060 3354 (Ops Room Hotline)

Operating hours    : Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

After office hours and on weekends, UTAR security staff on duty will man the Bilik Gerakan.



  1. What are the services provided by the Counselling and Guidance Unit?

The Counselling and Guidance Unit offers free counselling sessions and mental health support for all students of the University in a safe and confidential environment. The counsellors are registered with Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (LKM) and speak most of the major languages in Malaysia. The counsellors are always ready to assist you in exploring all the possible options in resolving the issues found in life.

  1. Do I need to make an appointment with a counsellor before attending a session?  

Yes, you are required to make an appointment with a counsellor prior to attending any counselling sessions.

  1. How can I make an appointment with a counsellor? 

Students are welcome to make an online appointment or walk-in to meet any of our counsellors as follows:

Online Registration (For Counselling session only)

Kampar Campus:


Sungai Long Campus:


The Counselling and Guidance Unit (CGU) will provide conditional face-to-face counselling where students can discuss with their counsellors regarding the appointment for physical counselling. In addition, CGU will continue to provide online counselling services through Microsoft Teams as well to ensure the safety of the students. 

Please be informed that there will be precautionary safety measures implemented at our university (both Kampar and Sungai Long Campuses) when you visit us. The precautionary safety measures include:

1) Temperature screening and registration for contact tracing at the entrance

2) Sanitisation

3) Social distancing in the counselling area

4) Crowd control

5) Usage of face mask at the campus

6) Time restriction - each counselling session shall not exceed one hour

  1. Do I need to pay for the counselling and guidance sessions? 

All counselling services are free of charge for all UTAR students.

  1. How many counselling sessions are needed?  

The number of counselling sessions depends on the issues faced by the students. It is also subject to the progress of the session and students’ needs. Therefore, students are always welcomed to discuss the number of sessions with the counsellor whenever necessary.

  1. Will there be a record in my academic transcript which may lead to a bad impression in the future if I am seeing a counsellor?

All counselling sessions will be done with the adherence of private and confidential policy. Please rest assured that all the counselling sessions with the counsellor will not be recorded in academic transcript.

  1. How can I get counselling support if I need it?  

Students may contact our registered and licensed counsellors from the Counselling and Guidance Unit of the Department of Student Affairs as follows:


Kampar Campus

General -

Venue: C113, Student Pavilion 1

Email: cgukpr@utar.edu.my   

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CGUpkcampus/ 

Telephone No: 05-4688888 ext: 2283/2563

Counsellors -

Email: chongcw@utar.edu.my (Mr Chong Chee Wai)

Email: gursheena@utar.edu.my (Ms Gursheena Kaur)

Email: psleong@utar.edu.my (Mr Leong Pyh Shin)

Email: slong@utar.edu.my (Ms Ong Sweet Ling)


Sungai Long Campus

General -

Venue: KB006, Ground Floor

Email: cgusl@utar.edu.my

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/utarcounseling 

Telephone No: 03-90860288 ext 823 / 824

Counsellors -

Email: navamani@utar.edu.my (Ms Navamani)

Email: ngwf@utar.edu.my (Ms Ng Wan Fern)

Email: tcyee@utar.edu.my (Ms Tan Chin Yee) 

Email: ongcs@utar.edu.my (Mr Ong Chia Shen)

Email: lauyh@utar.edu.my (Ms Lau Yi Hui)


  1. What can a student do besides academic studies

For a student, life at the University goes beyond studying. It can be an enriching journey filled with fun-learning extracurricular activities. Effective learning opportunities beyond the confines of both physical and virtual classrooms are provided to shape students’ development through exposure of new experiences and perspective. DSA facilitates and engages students in activities where teamwork, conflict resolution skills, and leadership roles can be enhanced. 

  1. Where can I find the information about the clubs and societies?

There is a wide range of clubs and societies to serve each student’s interests and emerging needs. To know more about the clubs and societies available at the University, please visit the following link:

Kampar Campus - https://dsa.kpr.utar.edu.my/Clubs--and--Societies-List.php

Sungai Long Campus - https://dsa.sl.utar.edu.my/Clubs_-and-_Societies.php

Should you have any enquiry about clubs and societies recruitment/activities, please email us at dsa@utar.edu.my 

  1. How can I join a club and society? Where can I register?

The recruitment drive will be conducted in hybrid mode starting from 20 June 2022, Monday, 8.30am until 3 July 2022, Sunday, 11.59pm. Students may join the membership via online platform or physical arrangement.

[Note: The physical recruitment arrangement may change subject to the latest updates / announcement from the relevant authorities such as MOHE / MKN / KKM].

Please refer to the DSA website for more details.

DSA Website (Kampar Campus) - https://dsa.kpr.utar.edu.my/

DSA Website (Sungai Long Campus) - https://dsa.sl.utar.edu.my/

  1. Can I still proceed with the Clubs and Societies meeting on Campus?

Students may request to have physical meeting sessions once they have returned to campus whilst adhering to the new norm standard operating procedures. Nevertheless, student leaders and committee members are still encouraged to convene the meeting sessions online to avoid any unexpected issues.

  1. Should we continue our clubs and societies activities in the June 2022 trimester?

You may plan and conduct online activities by utilising available digital platforms where the student leaders and the committee members can continue to keep in touch with their members electronically to share matters or items that are related to club/society objectives. Physical activities could be conducted by adhering to SOP once students are physically back to campus. Please keep track of the Mail Master/Student Portal’s announcement/DSA Facebook Page for any activities’ updates.

  1. Does the gymnasium operate as usual, and are we allowed to use the facilities?

Sports facilities will be reopened gradually in June 2022 intake.

Sungai Long Campus
The gymnasium of UTAR Sungai Long Campus and UTAR Kampar Campus is open with strict guidelines and SOP following concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The gymnasium capacity is limited to 50% of maximum capacity. Students are required to walk in and register themselves 5 minutes before the session starts.

Gymnasium SOP (Students’ info)





Fully Vaccinated

- Individuals who have taken the Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Sinovac vaccines, which require two doses, must have passed 14 days from the date of their second vaccination before being allowed entry to campus to conduct/ attend the event.

- Individuals who have taken the Johnson & Johnson or CanSino vaccines, which require one dose, must have passed 28 days from the date of their vaccination before being allowed to conduct/ attend the event.


Walk in

Walk ins with first come first serve basis 


Wear face mask

Students are strongly encouraged to wear double face masks or a KF94/N95/KN95 mask before entering, while registering and after leaving the gymnasium area.

Wearing a face mask while exercising is optional.


Scan Hi-hive Upon Entry

Students are required to use the ‘hi-hive’ app to scan the QR code.

After that, fill in the attendance sheet and all other required fields along with handing over the gym ticket.


Wash/sanitize hands

After registering, students are advised to wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before entering the gym. The hand sanitizer is placed at the registration counter at the gym.


Physical Distancing

All participants must ensure to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 to 3 meters at all times while exercising or using the gym equipment.

All students are required to use their own towel and drink from their own water bottle. Sharing is prohibited.


Total number of the students

The total number of participants is 50% capacity on a First come First Serve basis.


Wash/sanitize hands

After finishing, students are advised to wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer after exiting the gym. The hand sanitizer is placed at the registration counter at the gym.

Once exiting the gym area, a face mask should be immediately worn.

 Other Sports Facilities Reopened - Sungai Long Campus

  1. Sports Arena Mahkota Cheras (Badminton)

  2. Sports Challenger (Futsal)

  3. UTAR Sports Complex - Kampar Campus

Kampar Campus
Walk-in or online registration for all students and staff who wish to use the UTAR Sports Complex will be allowed. Bookings must be made 3 days in advance before the intended use date. Same day booking will not be entertained. The Google form may be accessed via the following link:

Gym/Dance Room Facilities - Kampar Campus

http://shorturl.at/wzGNY or by scanning the QR code below

Sports Complex - Kampar Campus


The new gymnasium sessions are as follows:

UTAR New Gym Schedule during Recovery Phase Plan (Kampar and Sungai Long Campus)

** For Kampar Campus, Ladies session is only available on session 4 (Wednesday)


  1.     What are the new SOPs/ new norms for the gymnasium in Sungai Long Campus and Kampar Campus?
    a)  The gymnasium now strictly limits 18 pax per session on a ‘First come first serve’ basis via the Google booking form or walk-in registration.
    b)  The gymnasium sessions will have different timing to allow time for our staff to sanitize the gymnasium after each session.
    c)  Personal towel is a must. Those without towels will be denied entry.
    d)  Please scan using ‘Hi-hive’ Apps when registering.
    e)   Face mask is needed before entry (while registering and paying ticket) and after departure. Those without face masks will be denied entry.
    f)  The sanitizer will be prepared by the gymnasium staff to sanitize your hands before entry.

Please refer to following protocols.

  1. Can we book booths/corridors for their activities during the June 2022 trimester?

At Kampar Campus and Sungai Long Campus, the booking is currently not available until further notice.

  1. Can we submit event posters for approval to be pasted on notice boards? 

At this moment, students may request to upload their e-Posters by submitting them to the respective DSA Facebook pages for approval. Please send your e-Poster in JPEG format and your request message via the “Send Message” button in the respective DSA Facebook Page:

Kampar Campus: 


Sungai Long Campus: 



  1. Can I join any student mobility activities?

The University is currently suspending all its physical student mobility activities, as part of the efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, following travel bans and restrictions globally. The suspended programme includes all activities including inbound/outbound short-term programmes, studying abroad, and student exchanges, until further notice. 

Nevertheless, the University remains committed to its globally focused curriculum and the needs of the international partners by exploring ways to develop new global learning initiatives and activities that utilises online digital platforms to connect with all that can help to overcome the current inability to travel safely. One of the approaches is to have virtual student mobility programmes with partner and non-partner universities. For more details, please visit

https://studentmobility.utar.edu.my or email to dsa@utar.edu.my


  1. Am I covered by insurance during this online learning period? 

Yes. All UTAR local students are covered by a group personal accident policy. For more information, please visit
Kampar Campus: https://dsa.kpr.utar.edu.my/health-services.php
Sungai Long Campus: https://dsa.sl.utar.edu.my/Student_Protection_Services.php

  1. If I have met with an accident during June 2022 intake, can I submit my insurance claim form online?

Yes, you can submit the soft copy of your insurance claim form and other supporting documents via email to dsa@utar.edu.my with “INSURANCE” as the email subject title. Besides, the hard copy of these documents is also required to be submitted to the DSA office by postage (Refer to the address on page 19) or walk-in. The Personal Accident Claim Form & E-payment Authorisation form can be downloaded here (Note: only for UTAR local students).

i) Personal Accident Claim Form - http://www.utar.edu.my/dsa-pk/file/Personal Accident Claim Form.pdf
ii) E-payment Authorisation http://www.utar.edu.my/dsa-pk/file/e-payment registration form.pdf

  1. What if I have any academic /non-academic matters, who can I contact?

If students have any academic matters, please contact your respective faculty for further advice /action.  Please visit the page here. https://tinyurl.com/y2nc7aaq

If you have questions regarding non-academic matters, please send an email to dsa@utar.edu.my or contact DSA Hotlines. 

  1. How and when can I apply for a vehicle sticker for the June 2022 trimester?

Please visit the Department of Student Affairs website or UTAR student portal for further information. 

DSA Website (Kampar Campus) 

Vehicle Sticker Page - https://dsa.kpr.utar.edu.my/Vehicle-Stickers.php

DSA Website (Sungai Long Campus) 

Vehicle Sticker Page - https://dsa.sl.utar.edu.my/Vehicle_Sticker.php

  1. Why can’t I see the link for vehicle sticker registration on the student portal?

 Please ensure you have paid for your student bill before registering for the vehicle sticker.



  1. Where to search for scholarship & financial assistance information?

For more information, please visit to this link - https://deas.utar.edu.my/Financial-Aid.php 


  1. What is the UTAR Soft Skills Development Certificate (USSDC)? Is it compulsory to join USSDC?

The UTAR SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATE (USSDC) is a certification system which recognises students’ achievements and efforts to improve themselves in the areas of the following soft skills and life skills:

  • Communication and Language Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Teamwork
  • Moral and Professional Ethics
  • Leadership Skills
  • Lifelong Learning & Information Management
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Digital Literacy 

All students of the University are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to join the USSDC programme because it is a record of students' achievements and efforts to improve their soft skills and life skills in UTAR. If you have gained 100 points (a minimum of 10 points from each core component), you will be awarded a USSDC certificate. 

  1. How to register for the USSDC? 

You may follow the following steps to complete USSDC registration  

Step 1: Login to UTAR Student Portal - https://portal.utar.edu.my 

Step 2: Select USSDC Programme under Info menu

Step 3: SelecRegistration (Form 1) on the sidebar menu

Step 4: Read all the terms and conditions and complete the form

Step 5: Click Register button

Step 6: Check the particulars and click Update button to complete the registration


  1. Is there any USSDC activity for new intake of students?

Yes, there are two USSDC activities specially offered to new intake of students:

i. Quiz for E-Orientation Virtual Talks

There will be 11 questions regarding the briefing of different departments. Students must answer minimum 8 questions correctly to apply for USSDC points.  The link of the quiz is as below: 


ii. Welcoming Soft Skills Programmes For New Students

DSSC offers two training programmes for new students to enhance their study skills and presentation skills.  USSDC points will be granted for students who successfully completed the workshops. The schedule is available at the following link:


H. UTAR CARE Programme

  1. What is the UTAR Community and Voluntary Engagement Programme (UTAR CARE Programme)?

    UTAR Community and Voluntary Engagement Programme (UTAR CARE Programme) was introduced from January 2021 onwards as an effort to cultivate and recognise students' contribution and efforts in community and voluntary projects.

    For more information, please visit https://softskill.utar.edu.my/UTAR_CARE_Programme.php

  2. How to register for the UTAR CARE Programme?

    You may follow the following steps to complete UTAR CARE Programme registration
    Step 1: Login to UTAR Student Portal - https://portal.utar.edu.my
    Step 2: Select UTAR CARE under Info menu
    Step 3: Select Registration of UTAR CARE on the sidebar menu
    Step 4: Read all the terms and conditions and complete the form
    Step 5: Click Register button
    Step 6: Check the particulars and click Update button to complete the registration

  3. Is there any volunteer opportunities for new intake of students?

    For more information and volunteer opportunities, please visit https://softskill.utar.edu.my/Volunteer-Opportunities.php

Important notice: You are advised to refer to the official announcements made by the University from time to time via Student Portal and mail master for any updates. 

Department of Student Affairs Office (Kampar Campus) Address

Department of Student Affairs

Room C113, Student Pavilion 1

Jalan Universiti, Bandar Barat

31900, Kampar, Perak

Department of Student Affairs Office (Sungai Long Campus) Address

Department of Student Affairs

Room KB006, KB Block 

Jalan Sungai Long, Bandar Sungai Long

43000, Cheras, Kajang 


Department of Student Affairs - Facebook Page

DSA Facebook Page (Kampar Campus)


DSA Facebook Page (Sungai Long Campus)



Student Representative Council (SRC) - Facebook Page

Student Representative Council (SRC) - Kampar Campus


Student Representative Council (SRC) - Sungai Long Campus


Department of International Student Services (DISS) - International Students 

Kampar Campus:

Mr. Ngan Mun Wai - 0165619184 ; Email address : nganmw@utar.edu.my 

Mr. Choy Kar Yan - 0175363558 ; Email address: choyky@utar.edu.my 

Sungai Long Campus:

Mr. Foo Wai Wai - 0169392331 ; Email address: fooww@utar.edu.my

Mr. Ng Chee Hong - 0125867183 ; Email address: nchong@utar.edu.my