Student Insurance Claim

As students embark on their academic pursuit, their precious lives are not only confined to the solid walls of the lecture rooms but they are deemed to be active beyond the academic realm. Thus, they require 24-7, worldwide protection. Here in UTAR, insurance is one of the protection services provided for the students. 

UTAR student GPA Insurance Scope of Cover:

Against accidents due to violent, external & visible means round the clock anywhere in the world resulting death or permanent disablement in respect of the following persons: -

Insured Persons: All students of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

NoItemCompensation for each insured person (RM)
2Permanent total disablement loss of one hand or both feet, and /or loss of sight of one or both eyes45,000.00
3Permanent total disablement by accident due to causes other than loss of limb or sight45,000.00

4Actual expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred for medical treatment by registered practitioner and funeral expenses.3,000.00

In respect of traditional medical treatment, the compensation is limited to five hundreds (RM500.00)

How to Claim Insurance?

Please contact the person in charge below:
Kampar Campus

Sungai Long Campus
For Injury Case

  1.  Insurance Claim Form -  https://e-orientation.utar.edu.my/documents/Personal%20Accident%20Claim%20Form.pdf
  2.  Photocopy of Student IC & ID 
  3.  Original Medical Receipts 
  4.  Photographs or X-Ray report if there is severance of any part of body *Police report, if involved in road accident 
  5.  Letter of Confirmation from UTAR confirming that the student was pursuing his/her studies at the time of the accident 
  6.  E-Payment Form -  https://e-orientation.utar.edu.my/documents/e-payment%20registration%20form.pdf
For Death Case 
  1. Insurance Claim Form -  https://e-orientation.utar.edu.my/documents/Personal%20Accident%20Claim%20Form.pdf
  2. Photocopy of Student IC & ID 
  3. Photocopy of Parents IC 
  4. Birth Certificate 
  5. Death Certificate 
  6. Burial Certificate 
  7. *Police Report by parents 
  8. *Police Report by other parties that involve in the accident. 
  9. UTAR Offer Letter of Admission 
  10. UTAR Paid Student Bill - latest 
  11. Post-Mortem Report 
  12. Letter of Confirmation from UTAR confirming that the student was pursuing his/her studies at the time of the accident 

 * It depends on case by case basis, as per requested by insurance company.
Note: The above list of documents may not be exhaustive as additional documents may be required, if necessary, to process the claim.

Territorial Limit: Worldwide

Please note that the policy extension covers the following: 
1)   Disappearance 
2)   Exposure 
3)   Payment of Benefits 
4)   Amateur Sports 
5)   Motorcycling Extension 
6)   Harmful Insect & Snake Bites 
7)   Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions 
8)   Automatic Additions and Deletions 
9)   Premium Adjustment 
10) Loss Notification Clause - 30 Days 
11) Premium Warranty - 60 Days 
12) Accidental Gas, Inhalation, Suffocation, Drowning & Food Poisoning.    

** The above information may subject to change without prior notice.